After the last report stating that I now have all 120 issues, I am very happy to report here that I have now scanned all the collection (2,400 A5 pages) and will shortly begin the task of assembling all the magazines into a digital collection similar to The Vellum Collection. I am hoping to have the whole project completed and ready for the July GFS convention. I cannot guarantee this as I still have to edit the last convention into two DVD’s which also has to be ready for July - but I will do my best to get everything ready from both projects. The George Formby Newsletter (the North-West was dropped from the title from issue 84, June 2002) is full of the interesting articles both on the local meetings between 1995 - 2005 and also plenty of words on the world of George Formby. If you joined the GFS between Winter 1988 to Autumn 1994 you would have been reading a Stan Evans produced Vellum magazine. Stan produced an always very readable Vellum magazine and living in Warrington, he was very well situated to take advantage of all that was happening during what was a golden period in the Society’s history. After retiring from producing the Vellum in late 1994, Stan had a few months off before deciding to take on the task of producing a monthly newsletter for readers in the North-West of England. Once the press started rolling, the magazine spread its wings and took flight to many other regions of the UK and even to foreign parts. To produce four Vellum magazines is quite a task, so to produce a monthly newsletter and keep it going for 10 years really has to be admired.
The george formby Newsletter
Scanning is complete
I have to admit that as I was scanning the pages, on many occasions I would get caught up with some article that had caught my eye and then I would end up just reading other stuff in the same issue. Although the project is still far from complete, I could not have managed it at all without the kindness and generosity of the members who loaned (in some cases gave) magazines for me to scan. I also need to recognise and place my thanks here to Dennis Lee who right from the start of the idea in September 2018, was totally enthusiastic and, living in Wigan and being a very active member of all the North West groups, he worked so hard to spread the word and to seek out friends who were willing to loan me their collection of the magazine. Without Dennis, I would probably never have been able to get the collection together. To Dennis, I say a massive thank you for all your help and enthusiasm.


Dennis Lee

Peter Swetnam

Martin Thomas

Neil Forshaw

Joe Sadler

Alan Newton

Pat Ralston

Mike Rotherham

Paul, Elaine and Tony


Geoff Shone

Arthur Newton

John Bullivant

Alan Newton

Mike Barrett

Malcolm Rigby

The names here are of the good people who

have taken the trouble to contact me and loan me

magazines. My sincere thanks you all.