Spare A Copper

War reserve policeman with ambition to join the motor cycle squad, foils enemy agents who plan to blow up the propeller of a new warship, and launches the ship himself, just in time to save it. Features a chase in a midget car, and a stomach churning sequence on a Wall of Death.
Brendan Ryan

A police war reservist catches saboteurs. One of the last good Formby comedies, with everything percolating as it should.
Leslie Halliwell

Australian Title: "Call A Cop"
Writers: Roger MacDougal, Basil Deardon, Austin Melford
Producer: Michael Balcon
Director: John Paddy Carstairs Trade Show: December 5th 1940, Released on: April 14th 1941
Cast: George Formby, Dorothy Hyson, Bernard Lee, George Merritt, John Warwick, John Turnbull, Eliot Makeham, Ellen Pollock

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