Keep Fit

Weedy barber joins Keep Fit campaign to impress pretty manicurist. He triumphs over muscular, preening rival in the boxing ring. The League of Health and Beauty was currently popular when the film was made.
Brendan Ryan

In the gym, in the ring, and in the front row of the cinema this was another big success for George. Three top hit songs which are still everybody's favourites in the George Formby Society.
George proves that even when you have had sand kicked in your face, you can still jump up and beat the bully. The school kids must have loved this one, especially when George knocks out nasty Guy Middleton in the final reel and is carried off with the lovely Kay Walsh to resounding cheers from the packed crowd at the boxing stadium.
George maintains the bright start he has made with ATP.
Peter Pollard

Leslie Halliwell's Film Guide
Good star vehicle with snappy songs and fast comedy scenes.

Produced by: Basil Dean
Writers: Anthony Kimmins & Austin Melford
Photographer: Ronald Neame/Gordon Dines

Director: Anthony Kimmins
Trade Show: August 18 1937; Released on: February 28 1938
Cast: George Formby, Kay Walsh, Guy Middleton, Gus McNaughton, Edmund Breon, George Benson,
C. Denier Warren, Hal Gordon, Hal Walters, Leo Franklyn.

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