banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
The Bacon Banjo Ukulele
Made c1930 by the Bacon Banjo Company Incorporated, in Groton, Connecticut, USA. This was the basic Banjo Ukulele produced by Bacon having a one piece hoop the bezel being secured with 14 inset tension rods. Original Grover tuning pegs. Perch pole is printed with Serial number 15174. The mahogany back is not original.
This is a more up market instrument than one above, being far better made.The mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard and peghead are quite pretty and the Bacon logo is also inlaid The woodwork is walnut with a high quality finish bringing out the grain clearly. Having 18 tension rods, original Grover tuning pegs and an ebony fingerboard. An excellent instrument with a powerful but sweet tone.
Even more upmarket then those above, this one being fitted with a resonator. Mother of Pearl inlay on the peghead although only dots on the ebony fingerboard and the 'Bacon' logo is a transfer. Walnut woodwork with 18 tension rods inset in to the bezel.The resonator having Birdseye maple finish.
ANOTHER SILVER BELL Bacon Banjo Co. Groton, CT     1915 -1922 Bacon and Day Co. Groton, CT 1922 - 1939 A beautiful instrument, solidly made, and difficult to hold until you get used to the weight. A delightful sound from a powerful instrument. Grateful thanks to Randy Coverstone for the photographs