banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
The Gibson UB-3 Banjo Ukulele
An outstanding example of the STYLE UB3 (or is it the UB2?). It depends which Gibson catalogue you are reading. There were some UB3’s manufactured which were fitted with a flange resonator. In some catalogues this particular style if instrument was classified as the STYLE UB3. It has an 8 inch rim and a flat backed amplifying resonator finished in a dark antique mahogany with a sunburst effect on the back and the neck. The rosewood fingerboard is decoratively inlaid with ‘Mother of Pearl’ diamonds as is the peghead which also bears ‘The Gibson’ pre 1930 trademark. There are fourteen tension rods and fifteen nickel silver frets. Another much sought after instrument, both by collectors and players, it has an extremely powerful output volume and yet is so sweet and crisp in tonal quality. It really needs to be played to be fully appreciated.