banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
The Dallas ‘D’ Banjo Ukulele
Made by John E. Dallas and Sons Ltd., this is one of a range of ‘George Formby’ Ukulele Banjos. Each model had a badge pinned to the peghead with the image and printed name of George Formby and also a stamped autograph on the vellum - This particular model is the MODEL D. A special concert model, it has a birds eye maple neck, body and resonator with inlaid edges and a highly polished finish. The fingerboard is ebony and has sixteen drawn wire frets and pearl position dots. It has an eight inch flush rim, an extra heavy bezel with twelve sunk pull down rods tensioned by removing the resonator to gain access to the tensioning nuts. It is fitted with a metal tone ring and tone plate and has an extension tailpiece and sleeve guard. All the metal parts are chromium plated. Usually fitted with a ‘Jos Rodgers’ vellum. Complete with original case. George Formby can be seen playing a Dallas ‘D’ in several of his films, notably ‘Turned out Nice Again’ when he sings ‘Auntie Maggie’s Remedy’. However it is generally thought that the soundtrack was dubbed using another instrument, having used the Dallas ‘D’ more for advertising purposes in order to increase sales of Dallas instruments. This Ukulele Banjo was purchased in 1940 by Stan Brown of Batley for the princely sum of £7.50. It bears the number No. D/1934. He says he’s going to keep it now he’s got used to it !!