banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
The Banjo Ukulele
In 1918, Alvin D. Keech and his brother Kel went to Los Angeles to teach film stars how to play the UKULELE, a small guitar shaped instrument with four strings. The UKULELE was given its name by the Hawaiians ~ UKU meaning 'Flea' and LELE meaning 'to dance'. However, one major complaint about this lovely instrument was insufficient volume. Alvin D. Keech produced the first BANJULELE, a combination of the American Banjo and the Hawaiian Ukulele, and patented the name. From 1920, other instrument makers made ‘Banjuleles’ but because of the patent were unable to call their instruments by that name. So they were called 'BANJO UKULELE' or 'UKULELE BANJO'. Since then, many instruments have been made by many makers, so that there are hundreds of different instruments. This catalogue is filled with photographs of the most popular types of instrument, including several owned by GEORGE FORMBY which can be seen being played by him in his films. It can be used as a reference to anyone considering purchasing an instrument in terms of quality and price, or simply to peruse and make you wish that perhaps one of these beautiful instruments belonged to you. Whichever it is, just enjoy browsing through. Dennis Taylor