banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
A customised Wendell Hall
A very special customised 'Wendell Hall' Banjo Ukulele. Probably a standard Wendell Hall which has been stripped and redecorated. It was supposedly done for the female partner of an American variety act. The flare-edge has been decorated between the slots with with vertical rows of red, amber and white gemstones which glint in the stage spotlights. The peghead is decorated with a pretty Mother of Pearl 'Fleur de Lys' motif. The bezel, flaredge and tailpiece have also been engraved. This lovely instrument is currently owned by Peter Pollard, webmaster of 'The George Formby Society'. Purchased for him by his wife, Kathryn, as a present (lucky sod). My grateful thanks to Peter, as without his help and guidance this Banjo Ukulele website would still be just an idea.My thanks to him also for the mug shot and the 3 close ups