banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
A very special Ludwig
An absolutely unique Ludwig Banjo Ukulele, custom made, circa 1930, in Chicago U.S.A., for someone whose initials JC were printed in the peghead. A most unusual material was used to decorate the peghead and the resonator giving the instrument a beautiful golden colour . This material was called ‘PYRALIN’ and was probably being used by Ludwig for decorating drum kits. It is also decorated with bright red rhinestones which glint in the light. There are 7 in the peghead and a large one in the centre of the Resonator. It has a powerful and brilliant tone. Imported from the U.S.A. in 1990, this Banjo Ukulele is currently owned by Dennis Taylor, President of ‘The George Formby Society’. Having its original Ludwig Banjo Ukulele case with Ludwig identification plate and unusually covered internally with blue corduroy type material.