banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
Gold plated Ludwigs
This display instrument is one of the finest examples of its kind. Designed to yield the maximum of display beauty, it is gold plated and engraved. It has an ebony fingerboard with pearl inlaid position figures. The resonator, neck and all wood parts are of genuine American walnut., the resonator being inlaid with a beautiful decorative wood inlay in colours. It has sixteen top tension brackets and sixteen nickel silver frets. Ludwig ‘PLANET’ 4 : 1 tuning pegs also gold plated. Has a detachable arm rest. These are most sought after by instrument collectors and players not only for the high quality of construction and finish, but also for the fabulous sound produced, particularly when playing in the GEORGE FORMBY style. George Formby did own a nickel plated, standard Ludwig Banjo Ukulele which was featured in his films ‘Feather Your Nest’, ‘Bell Bottom George’, ‘South American George’, ‘Much Too Shy’ and ‘Get Cracking’. He also played it in ‘The Friday Show’ when he sang ‘Guarding the Home of the Home Guard’.
A BANJO "UKE" OF 'HANDSOME BEAUTY' So described this instrument  in the Ludwig 1930 catalogue. Another beautiful gold plated and engraved Ludwig, having a slotted flaredge extension to the plain backed resonator. It has a self centering counter hoop with sixteen top tensioners, an ebonised fingerboard with inlaid position figures and sixteen nickel silver frets. The resonator, neck and all wood parts are of genuine American walnut. The resonator is decorated with with a decorative design. It is completed by a pegboard decorated with white 'Avalon' pearl finish. with the Ludwig trade mark design and coloured chevron ornament. Gold plated and special display handmade models were made to order probably costing around $50.00 at that time.