banjo ukulele by dennis taylor
The Eddie Uttley ‘Dreamer’
Eddie Uttley has long been associated with quality craftsmanship. So when he turned his hand to producing his own line of instruments in September 2018, it was no surprise that the banjo ukulele’s he lovingly made were nothing short of excellent. Based on the classic Gibson UB2, Eddie’s Dreamers are traditional in design but completely unique in the materials used. The pot is constructed from fibre glass, making the Uke incredibly light to hold and a Dream to play. The neck is made from timber, and has a ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl cross inlays at the 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th fret. All metal work is nickel plated including its bezel, 14 tension hooks, shoes, nuts, and distinctive (and practical!) tailpiece. At the top of the peghead is a gold “EU” monogram, which of course identifies its skilled maker. The first instrument was completed with a high gloss cream finish, which made for a very striking look. However, since the first Dreamers, many variants have been produced, from bright fiesta red to jet black. Lewis Clifton July 2020
Eddie Uttley
Eddie Uttley with Lewis Clifton

My Dreamer is Fiesta Red!

When I visited Eddie recently he showed me his latest Dreamer which was the same colour as Hank Marvin’s famous 1957 Fender Stratocaster, Fiesta Red. I played the uke and gave him it back saying it was very nice. By the day after I still hadn’t got the uke out of my head so I phoned Eddie to check that the instrument was still with him and on hearing that it was, I made the 20 mile journey to Eddie’s home and bought it! Why shouldn’t your banjo-uke be colourful? I love it, it has a lovely bright tone, good volume, sounds great and it gets played every day, enough said! Peter Pollard - July 2020
Hank Marvin and the Fiesta Red Strat.